Moulin Watch Strap

Moulin combines the best of fine genuine calf leather, tied with high quality yarns and done exceptionally smooth and thoroughly by highly experienced craftsmen to give you luxury and convenience while wearing this leather watch bands and adds to the vintage-look and stylishness.  Moulin has default color of bright red and also comes in a few other option. The band is made out of a genuine and high quality durable calf skin leather. The band has raw finish edge which clearly shows each well-built layer. The band itself is right around 4.0 mm thick all the way through.

Moulin was made by highly experienced craftsmen, it is made of chosen exclusive leather calf. Having a thorough cutting process, dying and finishing to each small part of this calf. More than that, stitching techniques hereditary is used in the process of the band making so that the result is fine-guaranteed leather watch bands.

Moulin is perfect for the vintage lovers that value the masculinity and the history of the Swiss Suitmatcher band.

Grab Moulin leather watch band now for $130. During promotion period: $25 screw-in buckle are included.


Moulin Leather Watch Band


Leather: Genuine Calf Leather
Stitching Color: Light Grey
Thickness: 4.0 mm
Edge Finish: Burnished Edge
$25 Screw-In Buckle Included

Stitching Color:
Lug Width / Buckle Width
Buckle Type: