Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We make 100% handmade watch strap or watch band, they are from new high quality genuine leather only, so that it will be free of all germs and save to use.

also there could be a slight/minor difference from the pictures displayed in our website http://www.pulchersleather.com, because of the lighting when pictures were taken in our studio.

All orders can be done by checking out from our website http://www.pulchersleather.com

All of your order is valid only if you received a respond after it. All of your orders will be responded in 2×24 hours maximum. If you do not receive any respond in after 2×24 hours, please notice us about your orders or please resend your orders again.

Payment can be done via PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, and international bank account transfer (in US DOLLAR / USD ).

After the payment is done, please kindly send a confirmation notice by capturing a screenshot of the finished payment process to our e-mail cs.pulchersleather@gmail.com

Shipping will be done after 3-7 days after we receive your confirmation notice.

We will send your goods by EMS. In case of loss in the shipping process, we will replace and re-ship the goods.

Feel free to ask tracking number from our customer service officer.

We are not responsible if there is a loss of goods due to buyer’s mistake in giving the shipping address.